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How the FSB hunted a secret agent of the SVR, but missed

The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and Rucriminal.info became aware of the amazing history of the confrontation between almost all the special services and law enforcement agencies of Russia.

Об этом сообщает Новости РУ

We are talking about the operation of the Moscow counterintelligence officers from the FSB CSS, who, together with the city Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Investigative Committee, detained a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an ex-operative of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department (data are hidden in the interests of the investigation) on suspicion of abuse of power, and later the actions of this person were reclassified as an attempt for large scale fraud. (part 3, article 30, part 3, article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The detainee was placed under house arrest, pending a long investigation, under the strict guidance of Moscow counterintelligence officers, however, there are a number of serious nuances and troubles in this case, which led to a full-scale confrontation of all known special services around one unfortunate employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

From the information received by Rucriminal.info, it became known that the accused is the twin brother of a high-ranking ex-employee of the Russian special services, of course with a different surname — Vladislav Vaisero (it is unlikely that she is real), the owner of the Sigma holding, which belonged to the leadership of the center of his own Security Service of the Foreign Intelligence Service (TsSB SVR). Vaisero Vladislav is related to the secret and super-secretive Directorate "Z" of the Central Security Service of the SVR (Department "Barrier"). So secret that if the representatives of the FSB pretend to be police officers, then the representatives of the SVR pretend to be anyone, including the FSB.

As a former employee of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation told Rucriminal.info, he is familiar with Vaisero, the latter was responsible for conducting various "power" operations abroad, led a secluded life, is fond of learning languages ​​​​(of which he knows about ten), and did not really contact anyone. Including his brother. Vaisero always avoided and denied any family ties with his police brother, since he had previously had problems with the law, however, you can’t fool the blood, and in this case, the twin brother did not appreciate the impulse of his colleagues from counterintelligence, and entered into a confrontation.

Владислав Вайсеро

It is known that the officers of the FSB CSS, together with the officers of the Department of Economic Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the investigative committee, during the event "operational experiment" detained the brother of a high-ranking intelligence officer in Moscow, when he received money, however, the former policeman himself represented the interests of one private company, and judging by received materials, accompanied a certain transaction, which was later passed off as "abuse of authority", and later as "fraud".

There are many inconsistencies in the case, and according to our source, the counterintelligence officers were not at all aimed at the unfortunate twin, but at the intelligence officer, but they missed, which, perhaps, offended the latter, who at that moment was on a business trip.

According to a source, the victim in the criminal case — Adamov Artem (he is also the future suspect in another criminal case, on the fact of fraud on an especially large scale in the amount of more than 40 million rubles, initiated in the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District), through acquaintances, turned to the ex-policeman for help, since he “had access” to the Sigma Corporation (the property of Vladislav Vaisero), which is engaged in private investigations and a large international group of fraudsters was exposed based on their materials. Artyom Adamov himself was involved in this case. The ex-policeman agreed to help Adamov Artyom, and to talk to the employees of the corporation, at the same time, he did not name any amounts of gratitude, did not put forward demands for the transfer of money, but explained that he would say what he was ready to offer. Adamov Artem himself did not initially plan to “solve” his problems, but through his acquaintances in the security forces, he contacted the FSB CSS officers, who for two weeks daily instructed, recorded and accompanied the victim, pushing the ex-policeman to “solve the issue”.

The operation began to crumble at the moment when the former operative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and now accused in a criminal case, either feeling some kind of “setup”, or simply changing his mind about helping Adamov, refused further communication with him, about which he wrote to the latter.

The counterintelligence officers thought they were "herding big fish" (perhaps because the twin was often referred to as his brother) and it was decided to continue the operation.

On December 22, 2021, the victim, together with a platoon of FSB special forces, officers of the FSB CSS, officers of the OEB and PC, officers of the Investigative Committee, went to the Barrikadnaya metro station, where he called the former policeman and said that he had brought money.

Since the victim was the nominal owner of the car, which, according to the decision of the investigation and the petition of the already detained defendants, to whom Adamov Artem was supposed to join soon, went to pay off the damage, the ex-policeman told him that he could petition the injured party for a ransom at most them a car at half price, followed by a petition to the court, they say, the damage has been paid off, leave the car nominal owner.

Adamov, under strict instructions from the FSB, led the conversation to his criminal case. The ex-operative again refused to help him in any way in this matter, referring to the fact that he could no longer help him, and connected Adamov with the victims, explaining that he had brought a deposit for the car, and that they should draw up a contract. After handing over the money, Adamov gave a prearranged signal to the special forces soldiers, who dragged the ex-employee out, beat him and took him to the investigative committee. By the way, the FSB CSS until the last thought that it was detaining a high-ranking security official from intelligence, but they missed.

Moreover, neither the Chekists nor the investigator really liked the “conversation” on the audio recording, in connection with which, from the first minute, the former operative was beaten, put barefoot in the snow, his laces were cut with a combat knife, they gave several slaps in the spetsnaz minibus, explaining that he pleaded guilty.

Under pressure from the FSB, without a lawyer, the ex-operative wrote a confession, but indicated that he received money for the sale of the car, having both the appropriate power of attorney and the appropriate authority from the victims.

He was given a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest. Next is the new year, holidays, and the long-awaited return of the scout to his homeland.

After the first interrogation by the investigator of the Investigative Committee for the Tverskoy District, Myalkin Ilya Sergeevich, the ex-operative described in black and white all the circumstances of the case, that acquaintances contacted him, asked Adamov to help, that he agreed at the beginning, did not stipulate any amounts, did not put forward any demands , and when he began to “disappear” (due to the actions of the FSB CSS), he completely changed his mind, actively repented and voluntarily refused further assistance to a potential fraudster, reducing relations with him into a civil law channel. The investigator “persuaded” for more than 40 minutes, in front of the defendant’s lawyer, to sign the “draft of their testimony”, and that “the prosecutor’s office would seize” such an interrogation. The ex-cop and his lawyer insisted on their own. After all, there is no crime in the case. Then, the investigator invited the ex-policeman to a “tete-a-tete conversation” with the head of the Tver Investigative Committee, Marat Khamidovich Tambiev.

Марат Тамбиев

Tambiev Marat Khamidovich was born in the village of Pervomaisky, Malokarachaevsky district, in the family of a well-known businessman Hamid Khuseinovich Tambiev, who currently works in the economic security department of CJSC Kavkazcement.

In 2011, Tambiev graduated with honors from the Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. And the real action-packed life begins in the position of commander of the 3rd division of the 113th training platoon, and then career growth. Work is given without difficulty, because in theory he succeeded thoroughly, being a student. The scientific works written by him had a huge resonance and were highly appreciated in the scientific world, as evidenced by a large number of diplomas. So, in 2010, he won the competition for the best research work of cadets, students and students of educational institutions of higher professional education of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. And three years earlier, he was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for active participation in the international scientific conference of students, graduate students and young scientists, and also won first place according to the results of his speech at the All-Russian scientific conference in Moscow on the topic “Human Rights in the Modern World”.

Letters of thanks cannot be counted in Tambiev’s assets. And, as a result, in August 2011, he was appointed to the position of investigator of the department for investigating organized criminal activity in the economic sphere of the Investigative Department of the Department of Internal Affairs for the South-Western Administrative District of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the city of Moscow. Four months later, he took the chair of the investigator of the Gagarin Interdistrict Investigation Department of the Investigation Department for the South-Western Administrative District of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for Moscow.

On August 14, 2012, Marat Tambiev was awarded the special rank of lieutenant of justice. In the same year, Tambiev was appointed an investigator for especially important cases of the department for investigating especially important cases of the Investigation Department for the South-Western Administrative District of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the city of Moscow, and was then awarded the rank of senior lieutenant of justice.

If you follow the fate of many lawyers, you can see that some of them do not have enough life to develop their own "handwriting". Marat Khamidovich Tambiev is a happy exception. Despite his youth, his experience, his ability to establish business relations with people, to navigate correctly in difficult circumstances, to grasp much and most importantly in Moscow, they immediately started talking, which is why they entrusted this high post. But as a true highlander, a true son of his people, he does not know how to hide his soul behind his uniform. Kind, honest, proud, she is always open to others. And, first of all, for my scarlet homeland, where, quite possibly, he will eventually find a job for himself — closer to home ...

Here is such a nice description of the valiant head of the investigative committee for the Tverskoy district is available on the Internet, but how is it really? In fact, everything is much sadder.

Let’s get back to our main character, Vaisero, the scout. Having learned about the boorish behavior of his fellow counterintelligence officers and investigators of the Investigative Committee towards his twin brother, as well as about the upcoming “tete-a-tete conversation”, the intelligence officer “took action”. First of all, I received a video recording of the beating of my brother, which was filmed by teenagers from the house near which he was detained, as well as a whole carload of witnesses. Later, he hung around his brother with special equipment for fixation, which he could calmly carry to the investigative department, and we got a conversation between the accused and the head of the investigative committee, Tambiev M.Kh., who “as a true mountaineer, a true son of his people, he cannot hide the soul behind the uniform. Kind, honest, proud, she is always open to others.

The funniest thing in this story is that the former criminal investigation operative, already taught by bitter experience, carried in his pocket, on the day of his arrest, a “flash card”, which was a miniature voice recorder, and which recorded both the fact of insult from the special forces, and the fact of beating, and insults by the OEB employees, and insults by the head of the Investigative Committee, and primary knocking out of testimony. But, of course, a more interesting record was obtained by the hard work of a scout. By the way, although the ESD employees found the "flash drive", although late, they did not attach any importance, putting it back in their pocket.

To your attention, knocking out confessions from the accused, by means of threats and humiliation:

Part 1




Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee for the Tverskoy District

Tambiev Marat Khamidovich (Head of the Investigation Department): Yu., do you admit guilt, or do you not?

Defendant: I pleaded not guilty.

Tambiev Marat Khamidovich: It’s just… you are preventing us from finishing the case, or not, f..?

Defendant: I didn’t stop you.

Tambiev Marat Khamidovich: Do we have problems on the case there?

Deputy chief: As far as I understand, you refuse that you presented yourself as an FSB officer.

Defendant: I introduced myself as a CSB officer. Private security service. And he showed the certificate of an employee of the ChSB. Everywhere I went, I’m recorded.

Tambiev Marat Khamidovich: No, well, what’s the difference. Well, ChSB, so ChSB b... P... Does he admit his guilt?

Investigator Myalkin Ilya Sergeevich: According to the last interrogation, no. Like, I wanted to cheat, but at the last moment I changed my mind. That he understood that work was being done on him. I began to suspect. And he received money for the car.

Defendant: Well, Ilya Sergeevich, it wasn’t exactly like that. When he began to disappear for weeks. Our beautiful victim, he’s also a suspect. When he had already disappeared for a week, and my friend called me, asked what was going on there, I said — listen, I don’t want anything, and I wrote the same thing to him in a message: don’t contact me on this issue anymore. On the day when he came to me, without a call, I was at work, "let’s talk, let’s talk," I asked — on the topic of what? It’s all on audio recordings. He said I brought the money. I said one second. I am recruiting victims, in this criminal case, I say that Mr. Adamov arrived, brought an advance payment for the car, when can you accept it? They say tomorrow. I say, did you hear? Heard. Rozhdestvenka, house 17. I hung up. After that, but as I understand it, it was the FSB officers who asked him about it, he called me four times, three times I leaked it, on the fourth I went out.

Tambiev Marat Khamidovich: Is it on the records?

Investigator Myalkin Ilya Sergeevich: Well, not exactly as he says.

Accused: How not quite?

Investigator Ilya Sergeevich Myalkin: Well…there is a car there.

Tambiev Marat Khamidovich: No, I don’t understand. He says that he was given money for the car.

Defendant: Did I make a conference call?

Tambiev Marat Khamidovich: B…. I will r..bu you.

Defendant: Excuse me?

Tambiev Marat Khamidovich: are you, b…., getting excited? No need b... You don’t have to, b ... believe in yourself. I will break your faith in yourself nah .. until the last day b ... You will never believe in yourself, b ... again. No need to, b ... test my patience. I, nah…, will glorify you throughout Chechnya, b…. Calm down…. What do we have on audio recordings?

Investigator Myalkin: We have all the pronunciations, now they are looking around. In the pronunciations, there is what amount is needed for not bringing to criminal responsibility. More precisely, there is a specific border. There is a maximum, which is no more than a million rubles, but there is also the phrase ..

Tambiev Marat Khamidovich: Do we have the fourth part excited there? Third?

Investigator: Yes, the third one. When Adamov collected 600 thousand, he turned to B.Sh. and said that he had collected this, to which the phrase followed that with such an amount, supposedly, there was no point in coming. With this question.

Tambiev Marat Khamidovich: When do we plan to go to 217?

Investigator Myalkin Ilya Sergeevich: We have almost everything ready. It remains to inspect the disk and bot by directors.

Tambiev Marat Khamidovich: We have 23, 22 trials. Select the verification material from the file with…uh..number…material select Mr. Yu’s phone separately…mmmm…this is the first…second…on the 21st, the file should be ready from 217. On the 22nd, 217 should be signed. The last interrogation of Mr. Yu…. eeeeee .... as soon as it is ready and signed .. send me an email so that I can read it. Prepare the right questions. Regardless of the position of Mr. Yu. Ask him all clarifying questions. Mr. Yu. Exactly to the extent that you keep your word out of weakness, we will keep our word out of strength. Do we have a turnout of Mr. Yu?

Investigator Myalkin Ilya Sergeevich: Yes.

Tambiev Marat Khamidovich: This turnout in front of him nah .. tear up and throw out b .... If, b..., we will not have a guilty plea. But on my command. I read the interrogation, then I make a decision on the case.

Investigator Myalkin Ilya Sergeevich: Marat Khamidovich, what about the current interrogation?

Tambiev Marat Khamidovich: This is his right. We, b ..., live in a democratic country. He has the right to wiggle his ass. We have the right to kick him in that ass. Everyone is doing their own.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin

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